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Make your best fishing experience today

Make your best fishing experience today
We specialize in selling battery powered heated apparel and we have a tremendous following with people who enjoy fishing, especially the colder ice fishing.

Sometimes the cold can cut your trip short, and that's where we come in. Read on for some great tips or check out our blog on How to never be too hot or too cold regardless of where you are.

Cold Feet?

We have battery powered heated insoles that fit right in your boots and can be turned on and off with a convenient remote control. Never miss the benefits of fishing because your feet get cold. We talk all about keeping your feet warm in the cold weather in our blog.

Cold Hands?

We also have some pretty great heated gloves that will keep your hands so warm you won't ever want to stop fishing.

Keep your Core Warm!!

Keeping your core warm is the first step in keep your extremities warm. You may not be able to find a heated jacket that is perfect for fishing, and that's why we developed the Torch Coat Heater. The Torch Coat Heater is a battery powered heater that fits in your jacket, so you can transform your fishing jacket or vest into a heated jacket!!
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