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Port Sheldon Township blends community, recreation and living with a perfect balance of permanent homes, summer cottages, small businesses and agricultural farms which enhance its truly peaceful and rural character. Two wonderfully updated township beach parks, three county parks and two open space parks are located in the township boundaries. Port Sheldon Township also has a bike path system of approximately fifteen miles.

Helpline Number
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16201 Port Sheldon Street | West Olive, MI (616) 399-6121 Monday through Friday (8 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Michigan Ottawa

Nearby Ports:

Distance (nm)
Milwaukee, IL 79 W
Waukegan, IL 67 W
Chicago, IL 65 SW


The township is bordered by New Holland Street on the south, 144th Avenue on the east, Fillmore Street on the north and the beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline on the west.

Places to visit near Port Sheldon, MI:

  1. Hemlock Crossing
  2. Olive Shores
  3. Windsnest Park
  4. Pigeon Lake