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Fish Hawk Lithium Ultra System


The Fish Hawk Lithium Ultra System is the new standard in trolling-specific electronics. The Ultra, our new flagship system, delivers speed and temperature data from both the surface and at depth. It also transmits the true depth of your downrigger using water pressure. Using Bluetooth technology, the Lithium Ultra System...

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Charging Ahead! The Fish Hawk Electronics Lithium Series incorporates four decades of experience with the lithium power anglers expect in modern electronics. The new, maintenance-free probe is 40% smaller than its predecessor and provides a weekend of fishing on a single charge.

Underwater currents make trolling speeds at depth unpredictable. Temperature throughout the water column can change dramatically. Fish Hawk Electronics delivers speed and temperature data at depth to make trolling more efficient and effective. You can’t get this information from traditional fishing electronics.

  • Transmits speed and water temperature at depth, surface data, and true depth
  • Lithium Series Probe provides 50+ hours of fishing from a single charge
  • Probe fully charges in 2-4 hours, partially charges in 20 minutes
  • 5,000+ lifetime probe charges
  • Water-activated probe extends battery life
  • Smaller profile cuts through water and minimizes blowback
  • Easy-to-read display with large digits and backlighting
  • Integrates with Cannon Optimum Downriggers
  • Pair with Fish Hawk mobile app for an additional display and to log and share data
  • Simple to install and operate
  • Includes protective display cover
  • Probe uses a 70kHz sonar signal to send data
  • System includes: display, probe, transom mounted transducer with cable, power cable, display cover, wireless charging pad and USB-C cable