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Johnson Pier

The pier is located northeast of Waukegan harbor

Directions to the Johnson Pier:
  • From I-94, take Highway 132 (Grand Ave) east.
  • Continue till the road ends.
  • South (Right) on Pershing Rd.
  • East (Left) on Clayton St.
  • North (Left) on Sea horse Drive.
  • Continue on Sea horse Dr to the Waukegan Beach parking lot at the end of the road.
Fishing options at the Johnson Pier:
  • Casting spoons, jigs or lures.
  • Bobber or Tightline fishing.
Best times to fish the Johnson Pier:
  • Coho Salmon - April, May and October.
  • Chinook Salmon - April, May and September through October.
  • Brown Trout - October through June.
  • Steelhead - October through May.
  • Perch - May through July.
  • Smelt - April and May.