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There is a reason that in most pictures of anglers ice fishing you will see electronic flashers and depth finders. Simply put, fishermen that use electronics catch more fish. Without knowing that there are fish suspended off the bottom, you have little chance of hooking or catching those fish. The picture above in the upper right has a fisherman that has mounted a fish finder to a wooden base, power is provided with a 12 volt motorcycle battery. The picture in the lower right corner has a fisherman that has made a tube of cardboard for his flasher. The tube will eliminate glare and allow reading the flasher screen in bright sunlight. The picture at lower left shows a transducer for the flasher suspended in the ice fishing hole.

Flasher used jigging: The fisherman jigs his lure immediately below the transducer for the flasher. This allows the fisherman to know exactly where in the water column his jig is located. Any fish that enters the water column below the transducer is identified. You simply raise or lower your jig in front of the fish.

The solid orange line above the bottom is a fish.

This picture shows fish that have entered the flashers view suspended off the bottom.

Closeup view of suspended fish off the bottom.

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