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How to use a Trout Berry Dough Bait Press to mold imitation Trout or Salmon Egg Clusters

The Troutberry dough bait press is a unique device that allows you to make consistently sized imitation egg clusters with dough bait.

Step 1: There are two sizes of Troutberry presses. The green press is a larger trout berry. The yellow bait press is the egg berry.

Step 2: Tie a size #12 treble hook or similar sized single hook to the end of your fishing line. Place the line in the slot on the scoop side of the troutberry. Pull the line snug with the hook inside the scoop.

Step 3: Use your finger to secure the line to the back side of the scoop. Then scoop the troutberry press containing the hook into the jar containing the dough bait.

Step 4: Scoop enough dough to form a round ball of bait covering the hook.

Step 5: Squeeze both sides of the troutberry firmly together to form the bait ball. Any excess dough will squeeze out of the sides of the troutberry.

Step 6: With the troutberry press closed, scrape any excess dough bait back into the bait jar.

Step 7: Open the troutberry to confirm that a solid ball of dough bait has been formed around the hook. A solid berry is best for casting and floating above the bottom.

Step 8: Gently pull the fishing line to wiggle the troutberry free. No mess, no scent on the bait, no bait on your fingers.

Trout Berry Dough Bait Press Clusters

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