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Trolling spoons are popular on Lake Michigan when fishing for Salmon and Trout: Dreamweaver, Coyote, Diamond King, Gold Star, Northern King, Mauler, Michigan Stinger, Pro King, Pro Shiner, R&R, Silver Streak, and others. Each company has a number of different paint schemes. Some of the unique paint schemes have their own names or nicknames. When viewing fishing reports the names of the companys can also be abreviated ( NK = Northern King, DW = Dreamweaver, etc). These abreviations and nicknames can be very confusing for the average fisherman. The links below can be used to identify some of those nicknames with the color paint scheme.

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  • Dream Weaver Spoons
  • Michigan Stinger Spoons
  • Northern King Spoons
  • R&R Tackle Spoons
  • Silver Streak Spoons