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The website is composed of the following sections:

  • What's New: This area keeps track of changes to the website. We keep a log of major changes and additions to the website. This allows you to review website changes since your last visit.

  • General Information: This area provides general information about Lake Michigan. There are statistics about Lake Michigan related to depth and size. Information about the lakes different management plans, research projects and the various state and federal government agencies that work with Lake Michigan. Information about what fish live in Lake Michigan and how to identify the different types of salmon, trout and fish in the lake. Fishing regulations and access to the different Departments of Natural Resources for each state: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

  • Fishing Reports: This area allows access to fishing reports for each state: Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Michigan. The different reports contain fishing information for steelhead, coho salmon, perch, chinook salmon, rainbow trout, lake trout, brown trout, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye. The reports cover all areas of Lake Michigan fishing from boats, shore and the harbors, and the various tributary rivers and creeks. There are also some personal angler logs that can contain highly detailed fishing information in their reports.

  • Tips and Techniques: This area contains fishing tips and techniques for the salmon, steelhead, trout and the other fish that live in the lake. Fishing tips and techniques for shore fishing, tips and techniques for fishing the lakes tributary streams and rivers, and tips and techniques for fishing the lake from a boat whether trolling or using other techniques. How to fishing articles with photographs and diagrams. There are also fishing tips and techniques specific to steelhead, coho or silver salmon, chinook or king salmon, lake trout, brown trout and rainbow trout.

  • Fishing Locations: This area contains information about some of the fishing locations on Lake Michigan. With 1,660 miles of shoreline the lake presents numerous fishing opportunities. Some of the more popular fishing locations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Wisconsin with access areas are documented.

  • Charters and Guides: This area contains information about some of the fishing charters and guides on Lake Michigan. Charters and guides from Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin are listed.

  • Tackle: This area contains our secure online tackle shop. We specialize in fishing equipment and tackle used for trolling, shore fishing and fishing the tributary rivers and streams for Trout and Salmon.

  • Photo Gallery: This area contains our photo gallery. We have pictures of Lake Michigan, angler caught fish, steelhead, coho or silver salmon, chinook or king salmon, lake trout, brown trout and rainbow trout, scenery and general fishing photographs.

  • Recipes: This area contains some of our favorite recipes for Salmon, Trout and other fish.

  • Weather Reports: This area contains weather reports for the areas around Lake Michigan. There are numerous reports including, lake temperature, lake surface currents, lake temperature transects, wind forecast, National Weather Service Forecasts, near shore marine forecasts, and marine forecasts.

  • Great Lakes Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and other species Fishing tips, tactics, articles, techniques, and information