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Surf Fishing Tackle and Storage

A standard 5 gallon plastic bucket is the ideal tackle tackle storage system for surf fishing. The bucket will hold most of your required tackle and with a lid attached provide waterproof storage. Sand will not easily enter the bucket. The 5 gallon bucket will also provide a seat for relaxing and listening to the sounds of the breaking waves.

Tools are required for your tackle bucket. Pliers will be used to remove hooks from the fish and other purposes. Hemostats can also be used for hooks removal and clamping items. A good hook sharpening file used to keep a sharp point on hooks. A pair of scissors will be used to cut spawn, bait, and fishing line. We like tools with bright colored handles as they do not get lost as easy when set on the sand.

An old hand towel used to keep your hands dry. We will also bring a few sheets of paper towels in a plastic bag for cleaning hands if using cut bait or salmon spawn. A 10 to 12 foot long stringer if you plan to keep fish. The longer length is required to stretch from your sand spike to the waters edge.

A variety of weights of different sizes can be required. Weight sizes range from 1/8 to 1 ounce. Generally we like to use the smallest weight possible to hold the bait in position. The problem is that currents and wave action can change the amount of weight required to hold the bait in position. Beads are also included in the same box. The beads are used in the various rigging methods described later.

A variety of hooks of different styles and sizes are kept in a plastic bag. Octopus style hooks in sizes 6 thru 4/0 are used for several bait presentations. Owner Mosquito style hooks are used for light weight presentations when floating baits are used. Small #10 or #8 trebble hooks for stinger hooks for brown trout.

Another small container has snap swivels, SPRO power swivels, beads and three way swivels. The snap swivels are used in both casting and bottom fishing rigs. Beads are used primarily in bottom fishing setups. Three way swivels are used mainly in areas of high current like river mouths and can be used to suspend lures in the current.

Fluorocarbon leader material from Gamma and Seaguar is kept in a plastic bag in the bucket. Fluorocarbon leader material is almost invisible in the water. We like to use leader in 4 to 8 pound test ratings. Leader leghts vary depending on the presentation used.

A pocket knife and small wooden board are kept in the bucket. The board provides a cutting platform when cutting bait, bait strips or salmon skein. To clean the board after use, just simply rub the board in the sand.

Another small storage container is filled with various spawn sac making materials. Spawn sac square material in various colors. Several colors of spawn sac roll material. Spawn sac quick tying thread in a dispenser and Blackbird spider thread. Spawn sac floaters and Atlas Drift balls are also included. All the materials required to make fresh spawn sacs on site are included in the container.

A variety of crank baits, casting spoons, and spinners are also kept in the tackle storage bucket. Use of the various lures will be described in the tips and techniques section of the website.

All of the items described above easily fit into a 5 gallon bucket with room to spare.
Do not forget sunglasses, something to drink, and lunch if you plan to spent a full day.

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