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In a dictionary the word "Crew" is defined as: "A group of people associated together in a common activity or by common traits or interests." The common activity and interest is Fishing. The crew is composed of fishermen, met over the years that share the passion of Salmon and Trout fishing on Lake Michigan. Many belong to various fishing clubs in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. The names of the individuals will be withheld at their request.

Don with Brown Trout
Don Dubin has been a fisherman his entire life. An avid angler for Steelhead, Trout, Salmon, Musky and anything else that swims. Don was one of the founding members of Salmon Unlimited of Illinois and its first Master Angler. Don is active in many fishing clubs and has given presentations to many others. Taxidermy and Wood Carving are also one of his passions. He has won local, regional, national and international contests with his artistic talents. More to follow as time permits.