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Trolling Peanut Flies behind Dodgers or Flashers with Downriggers is a very effective method of catching spring trout and salmon. The advantage of the downriggers is quite simple. When the fish hits there is nothing (additional hardware) between you and the fish. Downrigger releases are set on a medium tension to allow a quick hook set when a fish attacks. Downriggers are set to cover the top 30 feet of water. Stagger multiple downriggers to cover different depths.

Dodgers and Flashers are used with Peanut Flies. The leader length from the Downrigger release to your dodger or flasher is usually 5 to 30 feet. 15 to 20 pound test monofilament fishing line is used; fluorocarbon leader line is not needed. The top spring time dodger used is the Luhr Jensen size 00 Red #0077 dodger, which is 6 inches long. Action Flashers (Red, Orange and Chartreuse) are also popular. Stubby Dodgers from Gold Star / Silver Horde can also be used. The stubby dodger is 6 inches long but wider than the Luhr Jensen size 00 dodger and provides a more aggressive kick to the peanut flies. Size 0 (8 inch) dodgers are not used with peanut flies. Mini Spin Doctor Flashers ( 6 inch ) can be very effective. There are a variety of red, chartreuse, and orange spin doctor flashers. Our favorite mini Spin Doctor is the Coho Killer, with a very unique paint job. The length of fishing line from downrigger release to a mini spin doctor flasher is usually more effective with a short lead of from 5 to 8 feet.

Peanut Flies are tied directly onto treble hooks. Care must be used unhooking fishPeanut Flies with peanut flies in their mouths. Do not grab the thread or fly material directly with your pliers as it can destroy the fly. Leader length for peanut flies is 12-18 inches from the back of your dodger or flasher to the peanut fly. The colder the water temperature, the longer the leader length should be used. The leader material is open for debate and discussion, some use Fluorocarbon leader, most use regular fishing line. Most fishermen use 40 pound test fishing line (Ande or BigPeanut Fly Turned Game) as is gives a great snapping action to the peanut fly. Peanut Flies are tied with the knot at the top of the eye of the treble hook for the best action. Always check your fly whenever a fish hits and misses your fly. Sometimes the leader attached to the fly can slide on the eye of the treble hook or become "turned". That turned fly will never catch a fish and becomes a wasted rod. There are many popular color patterns for peanut flies: Two Tone, Next Generation, Blue Green Gold, Black, Coho Candy, Green Liz, and Little Boy Blue are some of the favorite patterns.

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