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Lake Michigan Ice Fishing Kenosha Southport Marina on 12/20/2003

Trip Conditions:
Locations Fished: Southport Marina in Kenosha, Wisconsin
Date: 12/20/2003
Weather: Overcast, windy, cold
Temperature: 30 degrees
Wind Velocity: 10-20 mph SW
Water Level: low, Clarity: clear
Fish Species Targeted: Brown Trout
Fish Caught: none, others caught 7 brown trout
Fishing Trip Quality: fair

Southport Marina located in Kenosha, Wisconsin opens one of their piers or docks for ice fishing. The pier was to open on 12/15/03, but someone in the city is late opening it this year. The ice conditions in the marina and harbor are unsafe for walking. Most of the ice is about 1 inch thick, but there are spots much thinner. The only ice fishing that is being done is by standing on the pier and fishing holes next to the pier.

I started fishing later than normal today because of holiday commitments, arriving at the marina at 10:30am. The successful anglers today braved the cold temperatures at dawn. The overnight air temperature was a brisk 12 degrees. Most of the fish caught today were caught at first light. All of the fish caught were brown trout. The fish were caught using brown trout spawn suspended below a slip bobber. The trout eggs were suspended from 6 inches to one foot above the bottom. There is a slight current that runs thru the marina. With the current, you can see the bobbers move around the hole cut in the ice. This current action gives the bait a slight movement and seems to make it more attractive to the fish. I tried jigging tube jigs tipped with waxworms, without getting a bite.