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Trip Conditions:
Locations Fished: Kenosha WI, harbors
Date: 11/29/2003
Weather: very overcast, windy, cold, with light snow
Temperature: 30 degrees
Wind Velocity: 20-30 mph SSW
Water Level: low, Clarity: clear
Fish Species Targeted: Brown Trout and Steelhead
Fish Caught: 3 Brown Trout
Fishing Trip Quality: Good

Started fishing a little later today than normal. I would normally like to start fishing at sunrise but today was different. The day before, Friday 11/28/03, there was also a brutal wind 20-25 mph but coming from the NNE which made fishing in the Kenosha Harbor difficult if not impossible. The air temp was in the upper 20's. Icing in the guides made fishing difficult. Most anglers stayed home or maybe went shopping. That night the wind was strong all night and there was also a light dusting of snow. There was no need to be early today.

First arrived to the harbor around 9:00 and drove past the 15-20 anglers already fishing. Talked to some of the fishermen that I recognized, heard that no fish had been caught that morning. The day before the only fish that I saw caught were by anglers using medium sized Golden Roaches below a slip bobber in the Southport Marina. Next went to Pike Creek Outfitters to get some Golden Roaches and Shiner minnows. Al and Carl were there picking up some wax worms.

We decided to start fishing the harbor area. The wind had shifted, now coming from SSE and fishing tube jigs below bobbers, a normal cold water method was difficult. After an hour we moved to the Marina to try and get out of the wind. Al and Carl were both using tube jigs tipped with wax worms below slip bobbers. I setup one rod with a Golden Roach below a slip bobber and used another rod to cast a medium sized minnow lure. The lure that I was using was called a "Pflueger Criterion Twitch Bait" that was Gold colored. This lure was found in a bargain bin at a local bait shop. This lure floats and when slow retrieved only dives 12 to 18 inches, making if a perfect bait for casting in the harbors and marina over weed beds. The first Brown Trout was caught with this lure. I also had two more strikes at the lure but lost both fish. Al missed several fish, probably due to icing in his rod guides. Then Al landed a nice Brown Trout. Carl also missed several fish. I caught the final fish of the day. I was taking a picture of my bobber and just then a Brown Trout darted out from under the pier and grabbed the bait.

Not a real great trip but we had some action during several hours of fishing.