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How to remove Salmon or Trout Egg Skein.

Skein is the membrane that holds the salmon or trout eggs together inside the fish. The egg skein can be collected from large female fish prior to the the spawning season. If possible bleed the fish prior to removing the egg skein. The best method is to cut one or two of the gill plates. Blood in the eggs can ruin the eggs in less than an hour if not stored properly.

Step 1: Catch a large female trout or salmon. The fish should be caught prior to the spawning season. Bleed the fish immediately.

Step 2: A shallow cut should be made from behind the gills all the way to the ovum vent.

Step 3: Open the abdominal cavity and carefully remove the skein. Bleeding the fish prior will reduce the amount of blood.

Step 4: Skein removed and set aside.

Step 5: Skein removed and ready to be cured.

Step 6: Skein cut into pieces prior to curing.


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