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Making spawn sacks for fishing bait for salmon and trout

Salmon or Trout egg spawn sacks are one of the most effective baits for enticing Salmon, Steelhead and Trout to bite. When spawning fish are active in the streams and rivers they will sometimes ignore all other baits. Just floating spawn sacks past the fish can tempt the salmon to hit. Spawn sacks are also an effective bait for use in harbors and shore fishing for salmon and trout. Spawn sacks are used as bait for trout when ice fishing.

To make spawn sacks you will need: cured salmon or trout eggs, spawn sack netting material, magic thread, a plastic spoon, and scissors.

Step 1: Cut a 4 to 6 inch piece of the magic thread. Magic thread is a special thread used for making spawn sacks that will stretch when pulled and shrink when relaxed.

Step 2: Place a square piece of spawn sack material on your work surface. Several colors of material and magic thread are available for making spawn sacks.

Step 3: Using the plastic spoon gently place some spawn on your spawn sack material.

Step 4: Salmon eggs on top of spawn sack material. How many eggs to use depends on the size of the spawn sacks that you want to make. Small spawn sacks will contain 4 to 8 eggs, medium spawn sacks will contain 10 to 15 eggs, large spawn sacks can be made up to the size of a golf ball.

Step 5: Gently gather the corners of the spawn sack material.

Step 6: Gently gather all of the loose material.

Step 7: Gently twist the spawn sack material. If you twist too much or too hard you will pop the eggs.

Step 8: The spawn sack material should be tight and firm around the eggs.

Step 9: Wrap three turns of magic thread around the stem of the spawn sack and pull the thread tight.

Step 10: Relax the magic thread and make three more turns around the stem of the spawn sack, then pull tight again.

Step 11: The spawn sack is now secure.

Step 12: Gently trim the excess thread and material from the spawn sack. Do not cut thru the wraps of magic thread.

Completed spawn sacks.

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