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Great Lakes Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and other species Fishing Tips, Tactics, Tricks, Techniques, Articles and General Information

Fishing tips and techniques for Salmon, Trout, Steelhead and other species are generic in nature and can be modified and applied to any location. Some techniques which are unique to the Great Lakes have been adjusted and used in saltwater fishing in Europe and the Pacific Coast of North America from California North to Alaska. Many of the salmon techniques used in the Great Lakes today, originated in the Pacific Northwest saltwater salmon fishery from where our original fish were obtained. Fishing tips and tactics used for Lake Trout can be adapted to any deep water fishery. A world class trophy Brown Trout and Steelhead fishery can be found in many of the Great Lakes, the numerous tributary rivers and streams, trolling, and shore fishing.

The different types of fishing tips, articles and techniques located in the website are logically separated into several major topic categories:

  • General Fishing Tips, Techniques and Information
  • Shore, Surf and Harbor Fishing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Tributary River and Stream Fishing
  • Open Water Boat Fishing and Trolling
  • Small Boat and Watercraft Fishing Tips

            Specific techniques and tips related to each type of fishing can be found in the different categories. Salmon, trout, steelhead and other species of fish fishing articles are also included. 

            Great Lakes Salmon, Steelhead, Trout and other species
            Fishing tips, tactics, articles, techniques, and information

                                                                              General Fishing Tips          Shore and Harbor Fishing                  Ice Fishing 

                                                                           Tributary River Fishing         Open Water Boat Fishing            Small Boat Fishing

            For more information click a topic category above


            General Fishing Tips, Techniques and Information
            • Fish Identification: General information about identifing the various species of fish present in Lake Michigan.
              • The Fish of Lake Michigan by Wisconsin Sea Grant
              • Wisconsin Fish Identification Script and App
              • Trout and Salmon Identification by GLSFC
            • Fishing Regulations: General information and links to the different fishing rules and regulations for each of the four states that border Lake Michigan: Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin.
              • Illinois Department of Natural Resources
              • Indiana Department of Natural Resources
              • Michigan Department of Natural Resources
              • Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
            • Fishing in Lake Michigan: General information about the different types of fishing available:
              • Salmon Fishing
              • Trout Fishing
            • Hook Sharpening: A technical sheet from Luhr Jensen that details hook sharpening techniques.
            • Maps and Books: Information about various maps and books about Lake Michigan.
            • Online Maps: Links to several Online Map companies.
            • Using Salmon and Trout Eggs or Spawn for Bait Information about the different Great Lakes trout, steelhead and salmon; techniques for tying spawn sacks or spawn bags; tips on how to gather salmon eggs and spawn; how to cure and store salmon and trout eggs, spawn, roe and skein for use as fishing bait.
              • Collecting Salmon and Trout Eggs Technique for collecting single or loose salmon or trout eggs for fish bait.
              • Removing Salmon and Trout Skein Technique for removing skein or roe from salmon and trout for fish bait.
              • Curing Salmon and Trout Eggs, Technique #1 How to use commercial salmon and trout egg cures to preserve the spawn.
              • Curing Salmon and Trout Roe, Technique #2 Technique on how to use commercial salmon egg cures for curing salmon roe.
              • Curing Salmon and Trout Skein for Egg Clusters Technique on how to use commercial salmon egg cures for curing salmon or trout skein to make egg clusters.
              • Air Curing Trout Skein for Egg Clusters Technique on how to air cure trout roe or skein, primarily used for Ice and Still fishing.
              • Homemade Salmon and Trout Egg Cures How to make your own egg cures for preserving salmon and trout spawn for use as fishing bait in spawn sacks, single eggs and egg clusters.
              • Adding Krill Scent to Salmon and Trout Eggs How to add krill scent to cured salmon eggs.
              • Adding Krill Scent to Salmon Roe How to add krill scent to salmon roe berries.
              • How to make Spawn Sacks How to make your own spawn sacks with salmon and trout eggs for use as bait.
              • How to use a spawn sac machine Using a spawn sac machine can help simplify making spawn sacs.
              • Freezing Spawn Sacs An angler friend Bill, freezes spawn sacs using uncured eggs.
              • Adding Spawn Sac Floaters Adding Spawn Sac Floaters to make spawn sacs more bouyant.
              • How to suspend Spawn Sacks How to suspend spawn sacks off the bottom using drift balls
              • Imitation Dough Bait Egg Clusters How to use a Troutberry Dough Bait Press to mold Imitation Trout or Salmon Egg Clusters.
            • How to catch bait fish with Sabiki Rigs Using sabiki rigs to catch fresh bait fish is a popular technique. Sabiki rigs are multi-hook jigging rigs for catching herring, smelt, alewife, shad and other small bait fish.
            • How to make salted Minnows Salting minnows and small bait fish is a popular preservation technique.
            • How to catch and collect Nightcrawler worms Collecting and catching nightcrawler worms in spring is relatively easy.
            • How to store nightcrawler worms. Properly stored nightcrawler worm can be kept alive for several weeks.

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