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Lake Michigan has a surface area of 22,300 square miles and 1,660 miles of shoreline. There are more than a hundred cities and towns on its banks. There are dozens of tributary creeks, streams and rivers that provide excellent fishing. Access areas for fishing the Lake Michigan Shore include: harbors, piers, breakwalls, power plants, city parks, river mouths and scenic shorelines. The links below contain information on specific locations:

Lake Michigan Tributary Rivers and Streams:
  • Indiana - Lake Michigan Tributary Access:
    • Indiana Tributary
    • Trail Creek Access
  • Michigan - Lake Michigan Tributary Access:
  • Wisconsin Lake Michigan Tributary Access:
    • Anhapee River - Kewaunee (WIS DNR)
    • Kewaunee River - Kewaunee (WIS DNR)
    • East and West Twin Rivers - Two Rivers (WIS DNR)
    • Manitowoc/Branch River - Manitowoc (WIS DNR)
    • Green Bay - Fox River (WIS DNR)
    • Fischer Creek - Manitowoc (WIS DNR)
    • Pigeon River - Sheboygan (WIS DNR)
    • Sheboygan River - Sheboygan (WIS DNR)
    • Sauk Creek - Port Washington(WIS DNR)
    • Oconto River (WIS DNR)
    • Menominee and Pestigo Rivers (WIS DNR)
    • Milwaukee River (WIS DNR)
    • Menomonee River - Milwaukee (WIS DNR)
    • Root River - Racine (WIS DNR)
    • Pike River - Kenosha (WIS DNR)
Lake Michigan Shore Fishing Locations: