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There are a great variety of pan fish in Lake Michigan. Various harbors, marinas and bays will usually contain several species. Bluegills, Perch, Crappie, Rock Bass, Bass, and several types of sunfish can be found in the different areas. Most panfish will orient near the weed beds and rock walls. When fishing for these fish, the trick is to find the location where they concentrate. During the winter months locating panfish with a flasherthe fish will still relate to the weeds while the weeds are still available. When the weeds die back the fish usually will roam the basins of the harbors and marinas. Using an electronic flasher is the best method to locate these fish. With many flashers it is possible to shoot the signal thru the ice to determine if there are fish in that area. The technique involves squirting some water on top of the ice. The transducer then must make good flat contact with the wet ice. Turn on the flasher and read the signal. If no fish are present, move 20 feet and repeat. If is much easier than drilling multiple holes looking for the fish.

When the fish are located, standard ice fishing techniques for catching panfish apply. Light line with spring bobbers will catch more fish than using heavier line.

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