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Sabiki rigs are multi-hook jigging rigs for packaged sabiki rigcatching herring, smelt, alewife, shad and other small baitfish. Sabiki rigs vary in length depending on number of hooks, but generally, 10 inches of main line stretches between 4-inch drop lines. Swivels attach at each end of rig. One end of the sabiki rig is attached to a fishing rod. The other end of the sabiki should have a small weight attached. Jigs are either flashy skin-type or small skirts.

Step 1: Locate a school of bait fish if possible. If you can not find a school you can blind jig for bait but it will not be as productive.

Step 2: The sabiki rig is then lowed into the water. A simple jigging motion will make the small jigs dance and attract the bait to the jigs.

Step 3: You should feel a slight tap as bait fish bite the jigs. It is possible to catch several fish at once. Reel up the sabiki rig and remove the bait from the hook and place in your bait container.

Step 4: Continue jigging the sabiki rig till you have caught as much fresh bait as required.

Step 5: Sabiki rig caught Alewife.

Several styles and sizes of sabiki rigs are available in our online tackle shop

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