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Locating and Catching Salmon and Trout

The key to catching Salmon and Trout in Lake Michigan today is to adapt to the changing environment. Locating Salmon and Trout is more of a challenge since they are now scattered everywhere from the beach to the middle of the lake. Locating Salmon and Trout in clear water and using stealth techniques and tactics can be the difference between empty coolers and catching fish.

March 2, 2019, Seminar Information, Schedule and Topics:
  • Open at 8:00am - Free Admission

  • 09:00am - Cut Bait and Meat Rigs: Speaker-Rich Matthews from Musselhead Tackle will discuss the methods, techniques, tactics and equipment used fishing cut bait and meat rigs used for catching Salmon and Trout.

  • 10:30am - Locating and Catching Salmon and Trout from Waukegan, Illinois: Speaker - Scott Wolfe (Manipulator, Waukegan, WI) will discuss the locating Salmon and Trout and the structure located near Waukegan, Illinois and Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.

  • In Store Specials, Door Prizes and a raffle will be available.
Currently the seminars are not available online.

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