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There are several different sizes, shapes and colors of downrigger weights. Most weights are made of either lead or cast iron. pancake and ball weightsThe different shapes of the downrigger weights include round balls (cannon balls), round balls with fins, fish shaped, torpedo shaped and pancake shaped. All of these shapes will catch fish. The most important thing is not to mix different shaped weights since they all track differently when trolled and tangles can occur.

Downrigger weights come in several sizes: 4 lb, 8 lb, 10 lb, 12 lb and 16 lb. The size or weight of the downrigger ball required is a function of the depth you will be fishing and speed that you will be trolling. To acheive maximum depth and speed you will need a larger size weight. The 10 lb size weight is a good all purpose downrigger weight.
There are several different colors used for downrigger weights. Green, Black, natural lead (silver/grey), white, red and orange colored weights are used. We have not seen any scientific studies to determine which color works best for different depths, water clarity, trolling speeds or fish species. If you observe other boats, most use either red or black colored weights.