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Downrigger releases are used to attach the fishing line to the downrigger weight or ball. The downrigger weight with the fishing line attached to a release is the lowered to the desired depth. The different types of releases used are rubber band, pinch pad and clip style releases. There are several popular releases used today on the great lakes:

  • Rubber band releases are the most simple to use. #16 light rubberbands attached to the fishing line then placed placed on a clip.
  • Blacks Releases for Downriggers, Outriggers, and Kites
  • Big Jon Jettison Release
  • Big Jon Otter Release
  • Du-Bro Pro Series Downrigger Release Clip
  • Legendary Products Fixed Slider Elberta Cliper
  • Legendary Products Free Slider Elberta Cliper
  • Offshore Downrigger Releases
  • Opti Downrigger Releases and Stackers