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The main difference between a dodger and flasher is the action they make when being trolled. Dodgers have a side to side swaying action. Flashers rotate 360 degrees in large circles. Each impart radically different actions to trolled baits. There are many types and styles of dodgers and flashers.

Below are some of the more popular styles and color patterns used on Lake Michigan

Dodgers from Luhr Jensen and Silver Horde, Colors: Red, Chartruese/Prizm, Silver/Prizm, Silver Glow, Hammered, White Fishscale, and Green Glow

Dodger sizes from left to right: Size 1 = 9 inch; Size 0 = 8 inch; Size 00 = 6 inch; and Size 4/0 = 4 inch.

Plastic Flashers from Luhr Jensen, HotSpot, and O'ki Tackle. Colors: Red Cracked Ice, Tiger Prawn, Chartruese Glow, Coyote, Green Glow, Pearl, Coho Special, Green Splatter, Peacock, and Red /Silver

Bechhold Flashers. Colors: White /Silver, Chartruese Glow, Green Glow, Black Silver, and White with Orange Cracked Ice.

Metal Flashers from Luhr Jensen, Silver Horde, and Shure Hit Bait. Styles: Abe and Al, Kelp Cutter, Double BB, and Action flashers.

TriFlash Flashers