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When holes are drilled for ice fishing, using either power or hand augers, chips and shavings of ice are left in the hole. An ice scoop is used to remove the ice chips and shavings from the hole. There are several varieties of ice scoops available. Plastic scoops are good, but do not bang them on the ice or they may break. Metal scoops are good, but the holes of the scoop can freeze shut in extremely cold weather. Either type of scoop will work. We like to add an extension of a 1 inch diameter dowel rod to the scoop. The extension handle helps that you do not have to bend over as far to reach the hole.

Step 1: A freshly drilled ice hole is usually full of ice scrapings and chips.

Step 2: An ice scoop is used to remove the scrapings and ice chips.

Step 3: Using the scoop, sweep the chips to the side of the ice hole.

Step 4: Lift the scoop with the ice chips. Let the water drain thru the holes in the ice scoop. The chips are the placed on the side of the hole. Some fishermen save the fresh ice chips to pack the fish they catch. Continue till the hole is clear of ice.

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