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Bills Frozen Spawn Sacs

Fresh Salmon and Trout eggs require some method of preservation or they will spoil. Many fishermen cure the eggs using a variety of methods. An angler friend, Bill makes spawn sacs using uncured salmon eggs and freezes the finished spawn sacs. The frozen spawn sacs can be stored for up to a year. The individual packages are thawed when required for a days fishing.

Step 1: Fresh uncured eggs are used to make spawn sacs. Large batches of spawn sacs in a variety of colors of material are tied.

Step 2: The spawn sacs are sorted and placed on a sheet of aluminum foil. Each individual package contains: 8 chartreuse, 8 orange, and 8 pink spawn sacs.

Step 3: The aluminum foil is gently folded into a package. The package is then placed into a plastic bag and sealed. The contents of the aluminum foil package are written on the package. The date frozen is written on the bag. Freeze the sacs for up to a year. Thaw when required.

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