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The Krippled Anchovy / Herring rigs are available from Krippled Fishing Lures located in Sooke, British Columbia, Canada. The bait holder is available in 6 different colors. There are several different size bait holders that can be used for whole anchovy, whole alewife, whole smelt, whole herring (red or green tray), or cut bait strips.

The Krippled Anchovy / Herring rig comes with a swivel, leader with a several different hook options, a red plastic pin, and the bait head. The whole bait or cut bait strip is inserted into the bait head, then the red plastic pin is inserted thru the bait holder to secure the bait. Tuning of the bait is accomplished by inserting the hook in the bait and placing a slight bend in the bait. Link to directions: Anchovy or Smelt Setup

Properly rigged Krippled Anchovy: