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The Cut Plug herring rigs are popular on the west coast. To make a cut plug rig you will need bait, a knife, and two hooks tied to a leader (the hooks can be fixed or with the middle hook tied as a slider).

First cut the bait on a angle. Notice that the knife is tilted to take an angle cut thru the side of the bait.

Finished cut with two different angles.

Next insert the first hook thru the abdominal cavity of the bait.

Thread the first hook thru the side of the bait and insert as shown near the tail. Pass the second hook thru a new hole in the side of the bait.

Tighten the leader to place a slight bend in the bait. Always tune cut plug bait at the side of the boat to insure the proper rolling action. The proper action is a tight roll and pause that simulates a wounded bait fish rolling over and trying to retain its balance.