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The Bechhold Bullet bait holder is available from Bechhold and Sons Flasher and Lure Company located in Petaluma, California. The bait holder is available in 8 different colors. The bait holder can be used for whole anchovy, whole alewife, whole smelt, whole herring (red or green tray), or cut bait strips.

The bait holder comes with a plastic spacer tube, bead chain swivel, leader with two snelled hooks, a 3/8 inch orthodontics rubberband, and the bait head. The whole bait or cut bait strip is inserted into the bait head (which has teeth to secure the bait, toothpicks not needed) and then the head is secured with the rubberband. The bait head has fins on each side to give an excellent rolling action right out of the package and further tuning is not needed.

When inserting whole bait (anchovy, alewife, herring, or smelt) the eye of the bait should show.

Bait inserted too far !

Bait Properly insterted into bait holder.