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How to add krill scent to Roe or Skein from salmon or trout

Adding krill and other scents to salmon or trout roe can increase its effectiveness. Krill powder and other liquid scents can be added to salmon or trout roe during the curing process. We like to add the scent after the roe has been cured, as we feel that the potency of the scent is not diluted during the curing process.

Step 1: Cured salmon roe is defrosted if frozen. Cut the roe into bait sized pieces and place in a shallow plastic dish or top from a storage container.

Step 2: Krill powder is shaken onto the cured salmon roe pieces.

Step 3: Krill Oil is also added. We squirt several drops onto each salmon roe piece. Krill oil is a more intense flavor and will help the scent penetrate the eggs.

Step 4: Gently stir the roe pieces (berries) to distribute the powder and oil.

Step 5: Transfer the scented pieces to a plastic bag using a plastic spoon. Place in the refrigerator overnight.

Step 6: Finished krill scented salmon roe or skein.

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