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A-Just-a Bubble Rainbow Trout and Steelhead Fishing Technique

There are days when a standard slip bobber will not work properly. Extremely cold weather that can freeze water and form ice inside the float preventing it from sliding. A-Just-a Bubble FloatWindy days when it is hard to control your light weight float. On days when extra casting distance is required to reach the fish zone. The A-Just-a Bubble float can be an answer to these problems. The A-Just-a Bubble floats come in several sizes with several color options: Clear, Chartreuse, Red, Red / White and Chartreuse / White. What is unique with the A-Just-a Bubble float is that you add water inside the float for ballast.

The float has a flexible tube running thru the float. To add water to the float, you simply pull on one end and add water to the float. You can rig the a-just-a bubble float as either fixed in position or as a sliding float. To fix in position the end plug is twisted to give pressure and hold the fishing line secure at a given position. Check the float for proper ballast at the waters edge. Let water out if the float sinks or add more water if required. With and A-Just-a bubble float very light weight bait can be cast long distances. Common baits used with a-just-a bubble floats include: dry flies, streamer flies, single salmon eggs, spawn sacks, or Berkley Micro Power Bait Nymphs and Craws.

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