Salmon and Trout Fishing Tackle and Gear
used for Trolling, Shore, Stream or Rivers

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We specialize in fishing tackle and gear that can be used trolling for salmon, steelhead and trout including: salmon flies, trout flies, dodgers, flashers, diving devices, fishing rods, fishing reels, fishing line and wire, trolling spoons, body baits, artifical cut bait and bait holders, and other lures. We also carry fishing gear and tackle that can be used fishing from shore or wading your favorite salmon river or trout stream.

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Salmon and Trout Trolling DVDs

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Salmon Angler
Ball Bearing
Snap Swivels

Spawn Sack Kits, Material,
Thread, and Machines:

Water Wolf hd Underwater Camera

Water Wolf Underwater Camera

Customer and Friends Fishing Photograph Gallery

Customer and Friends
Fishing Photograph Gallery

Dodgers and Flashers
for trolling

  • Waterproof Tape used for customizing your own dodgers and flashers

  • Abe&AL Flashers
  • Action Flashers
  • Challenger Flashers:
  • Coyote Flashers
  • Dreamweaver Flashers:
  • Gold Star Silver Horde:
  • Hot Spot Flashers:
  • Luhr Jensen Dodgers:
  • Oki Flashers:
  • Oki Kingfisher Flasher
  • ProChip Flashers
  • Custom Pro Chip
       Flashers by
       Michigan Stinger
  • Pro King Flashers

  • Attractors,
    and Cowbells
    for trolling

  • CAGI Fish Call
  • EChip Kits
  • WTP Fish Strips
  • Luhr Jensen:
  • Michigan Stinger
       Fish Trap Rig
  • Moonshine Lures
       Moon Bells

  • Fish Scents and Attractants

  • Pro Cure Bait
       Injector System
  • Atlas Mikes:
  • Berkley Power Bait:
  • Pautzke Liquid Krill
  • Pro Cure:
  • Smelly Jelly:
  • Trout Dip

  • Cut Bait and Bait Holders
    for trolling

  • Successful Herring
       Plug Cutting Techniques
  • Advanced Techniques
       for Plug-Cut Herring
  • Atlas Mikes Brite and
       Tight Herring Brine
  • Berkley Cut Bait Strips
  • Brads Super Bait
  • Brads Super Bait
       Cut Plug
  • Challenger Bait Holder
  • E-Rotary Bait Holder
  • Fishcatcher Bait Holder
  • Herring Bait Cutting
       Box and Board

  • Fishing Reels

  • Fishing Line
      Winding Service

  • Daiwa Fishing Reels:
  • Okuma Fishing Reels:
  • Pflueger Fishing Reels:
  • Penn Fishing Reels:
  • Shimano Fishing Reels:

  • Fishing Rods

  • Fenwick Fishing Rods:
  • Okuma Fishing Rods:
  • Shakespeare Rods:
  • Shimano Fishing Rods:
  • USA Shipments only!

    Fishing Books, DVDs and Videos
    for Trolling

    Fishing Books

    Downriggers, parts and accessories:

    Depth Raider Speed and Temperature Monitor

    Depth Raider Speed and Temperature Monitor

    Fish Hawk X4 Downrigger Speed and Temperature System

    Fish Hawk X4 and X4D Downrigger Depth, Speed and Temperature Systems

    Fish Hawk TD

    Fish Hawk TD

    Water Wolf
    Underwater Camera

    Cannon Downriggers, Parts, and Accessories:
  • Downrigger Releases
  • Scotty Downrigger

  • Salmon and Trout
    Trolling Fly Kits
    and Supplies

    trolling fly kits

  • Trolling Fly Kits
  • Banded Mylar Tinsel
  • Flashabou Material
  • Mylar Tinsel Cord
  • Trolling Fly Tubing
  • Trolling Lure Heads
  • Trolling Beads
  • Ande Line
  • Bulk VMC Hooks

  • Trolling Flies,
    and Lures
    for trolling

    Trolling Flies for
    Salmon and Trout:
  • Salmon Trolling Flies
  • Salmon Trolling Fly    (bodies only)
  • Peanut Flies
  • Midget Trolling Flies
  • Trophy Lake Trout
         Spin-n-Glo Rigs

  • Cheddar Flies
  • Original Howie Fly
  • Moonshine Lures
       Trolling Flies

    Trolling Squids
    and Hoochies:
  • E-Chip Squid Baits
  • Squid Baits rigged
  • Unrigged Squids
       10 packs

  • Unrigged Mini Squids
       2.5 inch 4 packs

    Trolling Spoons:
  • Dreamweaver Spoons:
  • Fuzzy Bear Spoons
  • Michigan Stinger:
  • Moonshine Lures:
  • Pro King Magnum
       Trolling Spoons
  • Silver Streak Spoons
  • Warrior Lures Spoons:
    Trolling Body Baits
    and Plugs:

  • Berkley Flicker
  • Berkley Flicker Shad:
  • Brads:
  • Dreamweaver Plugs
  • Dreamweaver Cut Plugs
  • Luhr Jensen
  • Moonshine Plugs
  • Rapala Minnows:
  • Silver Horde
       Trolling Plugs:
  • Storm Lures:

  • Diving Devices and Planner Boards
    for trolling

    diving devices and planner boards

  • Luhr Jensen
       Dipsy Divers:
  • Dreamweaver Deeper Divers
  • Slide Diver Lite Bite
  • Torpedo Divers
  • Walker Deeper Divers:

  • Trolling Snubbers:

  • Planer Boards:

  • Fishing Line

    fishing line

  • Ande Fishing Line
  • Berkley Trilene XL
  • Berkley Trilene XT
  • Berkley Big Game Line
  • Flea Flicker Line
  • Blood Run Tackle
       Fluorocarbon Leader
  • Seaguar Carbon Pro
  • Seaguar Fluoro Leader
  • Seaguar Invizx Line
    Super Braid:
  • Berkley Nanofil
  • Berkley Fireline
  • Power Pro Line
  • Spiderwire Stealth
       Fishing Line

    Lead Core and Copper Line:
  • Copper Wire Line:
       Blood Run, Opti,
       Howie Tackle
  • Cortland Kerplunk
  • Tuf Line Micro
       Lead Core Line
  • Woodstock Lead Core
    Steel Wire Line:
  • Malin Wire Line
  • Mason Wire Line
  • Torpedo Wire Line

  • Fishing Accessories and Terminal Tackle

  • Twili-Tip
  • Torpedo Roller Guide
       Rod Tip
  • Sabiki Bait Rigs
  • Speed Beads

    Fishing Tools and Accessories:
  • Berkley TEC Trigger
       Fish Grips
  • Berkley TEC Pistol
       Fish Grips
  • Berkley TEC Trigger
       Fish Grip with Scale
  • Worm and Bait

    Fishing Hooks:
  • Daiichi Salmon Egg
  • Gamakatsu Hooks:
  • Mustad Hooks:
  • Owner Hooks:
  • SpinTech Rotating
       Treble Hooks
  • VMC Hooks:
    Salmon, Trout and Steelhead Floats:
  • Float Fishing for
       Steelhead DVD

  • Float Fishing for
       Steelhead Book
       by Dave Vedder
  • Steelhead Float Fishing
       Book by Jim Butler

  • Blackbird Floats:
  • Comal Tackle Floats:
  • Thill Floats:
    Salmon, Trout and Steelhead Jigs:
  • Jig Fishing for
       Steelhead and Salmon
  • Danielson Steelhead
       and Salmon Jigs
  • Owner Flashy Swimmer
  • Owner Ultrahead
       Darter Head Jig
  • Owner Ultrahead
       Saltwater Bullet Head

    Lights for Fishing:
  • Cats Eyes Cap Lights
  • Flash Units

    Fishing Releases:
  • Blacks Releases
  • Big Jon Jettison
  • Big Jon Otter Release
  • Cannon Quick Release
  • Cannon Uni-Line
       Release and Stacker
  • Church Tackle
       Releases and Parts
  • Dreamweaver Action
  • DuBro Downrigger
  • Legendary Products:
  • Offshore Downrigger
       and Planer Board
       Releases and Stackers
  • Scotty Downrigger and
       Planer Board Releases

    Fishing Weights, Sinkers and Shot:
  • Baitfish Trolling
  • Bead Chain
       and Keel Sinkers
  • Sea Striker Quick Slide
  • Blackbird Shot
  • Eagle Claw Drop
       Shot Weights
  • Lead Pencil Weights
  • Michigan Stinger Dive
       Bomb Trolling Weights
  • Offshore OR20 Snap
       Weight System
  • Torpedo Divers

    Swivels and Snaps:
  • Opti Terminal Tackle
  • PLine DuraMax Swivels
  • Salmon Angler Ball
        Bearing Snap Swivels
  • Sampo Swivels
  • SPRO Power Swivel
  • SPRO Three Way
  • Thundermist T-Turn

    Tackle Storage:
  • Plano Tackle Systems
  • P-Line Storage Box
  • Plano Musky Box
  • Dreamweaver Flasher File and Fly Boxes
  • Special Mate Tackle Boxes for Spoons and Crankbaits

  • Salmon, Steelhead and Trout Fishing Tackle and Gear used for Fishing in Rivers, Streams or from Shore

    Artificial Trout and Salmon Eggs:
  • Atlas Mikes Drift Balls
  • Atlas Mikes Scented
       Anise Soft Plastic Eggs
  • Atlas Mikes Sac Attack
       Scented Egg Clusters
  • Luhr Jensen
  • Berkley Power Bait
  • Exude Products
  • Fish Egg Bead Kits

    Cured Trout and Salmon Eggs:
  • Cured Roe and Skeins:
  • Cured Single Trout and
        Salmon Eggs:
    Salmon Egg Cures:
  • Salmon and Trout
       Egg Cures Book

  • Pro Cures Easy
       Egg Curing DVD
  • Atlas Shake 'N' Cure
  • Atlas Mikes Liquid
       Spawn or Egg Cure
  • Special Formula Borax/
       Alaskan Premier Borax
       Egg Cure
  • Pautzke Cures:
  • Pro Cure Egg Cures:

    Spawn Sack Kits, Materials, and Machines:
  • Atlas Spawn Sack Kit,
        Spawn Sack Netting,
        Magic Thread
  • Fish n Mania Spawn
        Sac Squares
  • Redwing Tackle Spawn
       Sac Net, Floaters, and
        Spider Thread
  • Spawnee Machine,
        Spawn Sack Netting

    Trout Bait:
  • Berkley Power Bait
  • Berkley Trout Bait:
  • Exude Erupt
  • Zekes Sierra Gold
       Floating Trout Bait

    Micro Baits for Trout and Salmon:
  • Gulp Alive Angleworm
  • Gulp Alive Fish Fry
  • Gulp Alive Micro Bait
       1 inch Minnow
  • Gulp Alive Micro Bait
       Minnow Head
  • Gulp Alive Micro Bait
       1.5 inch Jigging Grub
  • Gulp Alive Maggots
  • Berkley Gulp Alive Corn
  • Gulp Alive Waxies
  • Berkley Gulp Fish Fry
  • Gulp Maggots
  • Gulp Waxies
  • Gulp Tip Bait
  • Gulp Sandworms
  • Berkley Micro Baits
    Trout Worms and Steelhead Worms:
  • Berkley Power Bait
  • Lip RipperZ Worms
  • Exude Trout Worms

    Salmon & Trout Flies:
  • Atlas Glow Yarn
  • Bubble Flies

    Berkley Gulp, Berkley Gulp Alive and Power Baits:
  • Berkley Gulp Alive:
  • Powerbait Grubs:
  • Powerbait Minnows and Swimbaits:
  • Gulp Leeches, Worms, Minnows, Goby, Minnow Grubs and Shaky Shads:
    Berkley Gulp Saltwater Baits:
  • Gulp Cut Bait
  • Gulp Ghost Shrimp
  • Gulp Sandworms
  • Gulp Sand Fleas/Crabs
  • Gulp Shrimp
  • Gulp Squid

    Casting and Jigging Spoons for Trout, Salmon and Steelhead:
  • Spoon Fishing for
       Steelhead Book
  • Acme Kamlooper
       Casting Spoon
  • Acme Kastmaster
       Casting Spoons:
  • Acme K.O. Wobbler
       Casting Spoons:
  • Acme Little Cleo
       Casting Spoons:
  • Bay de Noc Lures
       Swedish Pimple Spoons
  • Blue Fox Pixee Spoons
  • Rattlin Pixee Spoons
  • Custom Jigs and Spins Slender Spoons
  • Hali Jigging Spoons
       and Accessories:
  • Johnson Silver Minnow
       Weedless Spoons
  • Mepps Little Wolf
  • Moonshine Lures
       Casting Spoons:
  • Moonshine Lures
       Jigging Spoons:
  • Moonshine Shaker
  • Moonshine Shiver
  • Lindy Perch Talker
  • Northland Buck-Shot
         Rattle Spoons
  • Northland UV Buck-
         Shot Rattle Spoons
  • Rapala Jigging Raps
  • Rapala Jigging
         Shad Raps
  • Sebile Vibrato Lure
  • Yeck Casting Spoons

    Spinners for Trout, Salmon and Steelhead:
  • Spinner Fishing for
       Steelhead, Salmon
       and Trout Book
  • Blue Fox Vibrax
  • Blue Fox Super
       Salmon Vibrax
  • Luhr Jensen Bang Tails
  • Mepps Spinners:
  • Worden's Original
       Rooster Tail Spinner

  • Ice Fishing Tackle

  • Jigs, Lures, and
       Jigging Spoons
  • Ice Fishing Rods, Reels, and Combos
  • Tip-ups, Tip
       Downs and
  • Ice Fishing

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