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Bulk VMC
Treble Hooks
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

VMC  hooks for salmon, trout and steelhead

ORDINARY HOOK POINTS are formed by a grinding process which breaks the fibres of the steel, thereby weakening the point. "Needle cone" technology, in contrast, gathers the fibres and squeezes them towards the center, thereby strengthening the hook tip. NEEDLE CONE HOOK POINTS are the result of the first major innovation in hook sharpening for over 20 years. The hook point is honed by a paternted process; then the metal is chemically cleaned and deburred. The resulting point has molecular integrity, consistent strength and superior sharpness. The weaknesses inherent in other mechanical or chemical sharpening processes have been eliminated.

The “Cone Cut” point, with its extreme sharpness provided by a mechanicaily formed cone, has the unique advantage of a triangular crest and a barb so fine that it assures, without force, a clean and perfect penetration beyond the barb.

Traditional conical hook points are formed by a mechanical grinding process which breaks the fibers of the steel. The hook points are then chemically sharpened. With the new Needle Cone Point, VMC has created the first new sharpening process in 20 years: this technology gathers the metal fibers and squeezes them towards the center of the point. By compressing rather than cutting, VMC has created a point equal or superior in sharpness to the best available, and incredibly stronger.

Each package contains 50 hooks.


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