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Trolling Squids and Hoochies
used fishing for Salmon and Trout

A deadly meal to all salmon and trout. Squids or Hoochies have a frantic, darting movments, these baits have vivacious tentacle tails and inviting hand painted eyes fish can not resist. Made of extra strong vinyl with a hard head insert. A dodger or flasher gives action to the trolling squids, causing the squid to dart and weave thru the water. This action gives the squid the appearance that a salmon or trout (the dodger or flasher) is chasing a bait fish.
    Squid BaitsRigged squid baits are a feast for Salmon and Trout.
    Unrigged Squid Baits 10 per packageUnrigged Squid baits 10 per package
    Mini 2.5 inch Unrigged Squid BaitsRigged squid baits are a feast for Salmon and Trout. Unrigged Mini 4 pack
    Mustad E-Chip Hoochies and SquidsMustad E-Chip Hoochies and Squids with electronic EChip technology.
    Trolling Bucktails and Hoochies BookTrolling bucktail flies is an exciting and productive method of catching salmon. Colegrave explains the technique and Gaunt shows sportsmen how to catch salmon with hoochies.

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