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    Salmon Angler - Trolling Fly Starter KitsKits for making trolling flys for salmon and trout.
    Salmon Angler - Banded Mylar TinselFor making salmon and trout trolling flys
    Salmon Angler Tinsel CordMylar tinsel cord used to make bodies for trolling flies.
    Salmon Angler - Lure HeadsFor making trolling flys
    Salmon Angler - BeadsBeads used making trolling flys.
    Trolling Fly TubingPlastic tubing used to make trolling flies.
    Flashabou - Mylar TinselFlashabou mylar tinsel for making flys and lures
    Ande LineAnde line used for leaders for trolling flies and squids.
    VMC Treble HooksVMC Trebble Hooks for salmon, steelhead, and trout
    Gamakatsu Siwash Salmon HooksGamakatsu open eye siwash hooks for salmon and trout fishing.

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