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Tackle and Lure Storage Boxes

    P-Line Storage BoxThe P-Line storage box has 20 individually sealing compartments. This box is perfect for storing beads, ice fishing jigs, hooks and other small items that tend to spill from other boxes.
    Plano Tackle SystemsPlano Tackle systems storage boxes.
    Plano Big Game System 7915Plano Big Game Tackle System will hold 40 or more 12 inch lures in separate compartments.
    Dreamweaver Flasher FileThe Flasher File is designed to hold 14 flashers (Spin Doctors, etc.) in a secure box, allowing easy access with the simple lift of a lid. Trolling Fly Tube and Cone boxes are also available.
    Special Mate Tackle BoxSpecial Mate Tackle boxes are designed to hold spoons, spinners, crankbaits, and lures.
    Special Mate 5" Crankbait Tackle BoxThe Special Mate 5 inch Crankbait Tackle Box will hold 120 Crankbaits or lures.
    Special Mate 5" Spoon Tackle Box The Special Mate 5" Spoon Tackle box will hold 225 spoons.
    Special Mate 8" Crankbait Tackle BoxThe Special Mate 8" Crankbait Tackle box will hold 120 crankbaits or lures.
    Special Mate 8" Spoon Tackle BoxThe Special Mate 8" Magnum Spoon Tackle box will hold 225 large spoons.
    Special Mate Musky Tackle BoxSpecial Mate Musky Tackle Box has dividers and will hold 45 or more musky lures.
    Special Mate Tackle Box Replacement DividersReplacement dividers for Special Mate Tackle boxes allow you to customize your box to hold spoons and crankbaits.

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