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Spinners for Salmon, Trout and Steelhead Fishing

brown trout caught with a spinner

Spinners are an effective lure for salmon, trout and steelhead fishing from shore or in rivers and streams. Spinners attract fish with the vibration and flash of the blade rotating around salmon caught with a spinner the shaft of the spinner. Spinners can be fished slow, fast, deep or shallow by just varying the retrieve speed. Fishing spinners slow in river current causes the blade to pulse and throb sending an irresistible vibration to trout, steelhead and salmon. Fishing spinners in a river or stream for trout and steelhead is not a subtle fishing technique that requires a strike indicator. The fish aggressively chase and strike spinners.

Choosing the correct size and color spinner can be a difficult process that confuses many fisherman. Click the links below to read an article from Mepps on selecting the right lure or view a PDF presentation.

PDF Article on
Mepps Color Technology

PDF Presentation on
Mepps Color Technology

    Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout BookThe "bible" of spinner fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout. The book covers everything from the best techniques, building tackle, fishing tactics and more.
    Blue Fox Vibrax SpinnersBlue Fox Vibrax Spinners are a favorite spinner used fishing for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead in river, streams, and lakes. The body is designed to emit low frequency rattling sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes.
    Blue Fox Super Salmon Vibrax SpinnersBlue Fox Super Salmon Vibrax spinners have a 30 degree willow leaf blade and are designed to run 4 to 5 feet deep on normal reteives.
    Luhr Jensen Bang Tail SpinnerLuhr Jensen Bang Tail spinners for Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead. The spinners have a unique scale pattern on the body and a strong shaft.
    Mepps Aglia SpinnerMepps Aglia Spinners have caught more trophy fish than any other lure.
    Mepps Black Fury SpinnerMepps Black Fury spinners are an excellent choice for low light conditions.
    Mepps Glow Aglia SpinnersMepps Glow Aglia Spinners combine the vibration and flash of the classic mepps spinner with a high visibility glow in the dark chip resistant vinyl finish.
    Yakima - Wordens Original Roostertail SpinnerThe original Rooster Tail has been and still is one of the most productive spinners around. Used to catch just about any gamefish, the Rooster Tails pulsating hackle or tinsel tail and attractive spinning action will make fish strike, many times when nothing else will work.

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