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Special Mate Tackle Box
for Spinners, Spoons, Crankbaits and Lures

Organize your spoons, crankbaits and lures

The Special Mate Tackle Box is designed to eliminate the tangled mess that often occurs when storing spoons, spinners and lures. The tackle box has 15 dividers with 15 grooves in each divider that will hold 225 spoons, spinners or 120 lures. The dividers allow easy organization of your lures. Lure selection is easy, just flip thru the dividers till you find the right lure which then can be easily removed. The Special Mate tackle box has two strong steel lockable latches and a folding handle. The bottom and lid are designed to allow stacking of multiple Special Mate Tackle boxes. The lid has foam padding to secure lures in place when closed. Small drain holes on the bottom will allow water to drain away from the lures. The tackle box will not flip over easily even when openned. The exterior box is made of a tough durable material. The boxes are two toned, with a white lid and three different colored bases.
    Special Mate 5" Spoon Tackle Box The Special Mate 5" Spoon Tackle box will hold 225 spoons.
    Special Mate 8" Spoon Tackle BoxThe Special Mate 8" Magnum Spoon Tackle box will hold 225 large spoons.
    Special Mate 5" Crankbait Tackle BoxThe Special Mate 5 inch Crankbait Tackle Box will hold 120 Crankbaits or lures.
    Special Mate 8" Crankbait Tackle BoxThe Special Mate 8" Crankbait Tackle box will hold 120 crankbaits or lures.
    Special Mate Musky Tackle BoxSpecial Mate Musky Tackle Box has dividers and will hold 45 or more musky lures.
    Special Mate Tackle Box Replacement DividersReplacement dividers for Special Mate Tackle boxes allow you to customize your box to hold spoons and crankbaits.
    Plano Big Game System 7915Plano Big Game Tackle System will hold 40 or more 12 inch lures in separate compartments.

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