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Smelly Jelly Gel Scent
For all Fresh and Saltwater Fish

Smelly Jelly Gel scent is a concentrated scent combined with a sticky formula that is irresistible to fish. Gel scent stays on lures and bait longer producing more aggressive strikes. Apply the scent directly to any lure or bait. Choose from many different scents and colors to target different species of fish. Gel scent has proven to be effective in both fresh and saltwater. Gel scent comes in an easy to use 1 ounce jar.

SMJ-1oz-134Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Crawfish Anise

SMJ-1oz-132Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Crawfish Glitter

SMJ-1oz-188Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Crawfish Salt

SMJ-1oz-114Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Glow Shrimp

SMJ-1oz-102Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Herring Anise

SMJ-1oz-100Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Herring Salt

SMJ-1oz-220Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Leech

SMJ-1oz-118Smelly Jelly 1 ounce - Shrimp Salt


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