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Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reels

Shimano Tekota Levelwind Reels
The Tekota Levelwind Series Reels are the end result of research, feedback, and time spent on the water. It is definitely evident when you look at what the new Tekota family offers. Tekota reels give anglers comfort, durability, and features that make fishing adventures easy and more enjoyable. The Tekota line of reels are engineered for the long run with a die-cast frame, sturdy power handle with Septon* grip, oversized clicker and cross-bar forward design for easy access to the spool. The Tekota levelwind series comes in four sizes. There are also two line counter versions as well. If you are tired of the reels that don't make it through the season, try the Tekota -- they are definitely built to last!

Model No Line Retrieve Line Capacity Gear Ratio Wt (oz) A-RB Bearings
TEK500 25 12/440, 14/340, 16/285 4.2:1 15.3 3 BB, 1 RB
TEK600 25 16/390, 20/300, 25/240 4.2:1 16.0 3 BB, 1 RB
TEK700 33 25/410, 30/350, 40/290 4.2:1 28.8 3 BB, 1 RB
TEK800 33 25/530, 30/450, 40/370 4.2:1 29.8 3 BB, 1 RB

Tekota 700Shimano Tekota Levelwind TEK700 Reel

Tekota 800Shimano Tekota Levelwind TEK800 Reel


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