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Salmon Trolling Flies
Magnum Trolling Fly
from Salmon Angler

Salmon Trolling flies used with a dodger or flasher is a popular fishing technique used on Lake Michigan for catching salmon and trout. The dodger or flasher gives action to the trolling fly, causing the fly to flutter and weave thru the water. This action gives the fly the appearance that a salmon or trout (the dodger or flasher) is chasing a bait fish. Most trolling fllies are based on Salmon and Trout caught with trolling flies the Salmon tube flies which originated in England during the 1940's. Unlike standard Salmon flies, the trolling flies are tied on a tube or lure head, not the hook. This allows the fly to slip up the leader away from the fishes teeth during the fight. No fly is totally indestructable, but they will last longer than the traditional tied salmon flies. The Salmon trolling flies duplicate the body silhouette of certain bait fish. The highly reflective mylar tinsel materials approximate the transucent look of different bait fish.

Magnum Trolling flies are 4.5 inches long.
These are rigged.
The bodies are also available unrigged.

All rigged trolling flies are made
with the finest materials available
  • VMC Hooks
  • Quality Bodies
  • Reflective mylar tinsel material
  • 40 lb monofilament leader
  • Directions included

Printable leader length recomendations

Printable rigging directions.

STF101Salmon Trolling Fly - Wrinkled White

STF102Salmon Trolling Fly - Glow White

STF103Salmon Trolling Fly - Pearl

STF105Salmon Trolling Fly - Aqua

STF106Salmon Trolling Fly - Alewife

STF108Salmon Trolling Fly - Herring

STF109Salmon Trolling Fly - UV Glitter Mirage

STF111Salmon Trolling Fly - Green Ice

STF114Salmon Trolling Fly - UV Blue Ice

This fly is similar to the fly nicknamed "Little Boy Blue".
STF118Salmon Trolling Fly - Blue Boy

This fly is Not the same as a fly called Little Boy Blue.
STF120Salmon Trolling Fly - Purple Haze

STF127Salmon Trolling Fly - Glitter Green Crinkle

STF128Salmon Trolling Fly - Purple Rain


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