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Salmon Angler Products

Beads for making Salmon and Trout Trolling Flys

Each package contains approximately 60 8mm beads.

S401Beads - Green 8mm

S402Beads - Clear 8mm

S403Beads - Red 8mm

S404Beads - Black 8mm

S405Beads - White 8mm

S406Beads - Blue 8mm

S408Beads - Glow White 8mm

S409Beads - Ruby Red 8mm

S410Beads - Teal Green 8mm

S411Beads - Champagne 8mm

S412Beads - Pink 8mm

S413Beads - Tangerine 8mm

S414Beads - Purple 8mm

S415Beads - Turquoise 8mm

S416Beads - Red Round 8mm

S418Beads - Green Round 8mm


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