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Rapala Xrap #8 Slashbait

3 1/8 inches long
Xtreme Action Slashbait

The Xrap represents the evolution of the classic Rapala. Its where technical inovation meets Rapala fishing know how to create a lure like nothing that's hit the water before. The adrenaline pumping Rapala Xrap slashbait has extreme attitude with its hard cutting, aggressive darting action. The interated long casting system partners with an irresistable rattle and classic Rapala action.

The Rapala Xrap has the classic Rapala swimming action, yet has the ability to cut hard, dart side to side and up and down. Its long casting, suspending and rattles. The Xrap attracts fish with a vibration and flash that triggers strikes from both aggressive and neutral fish.

Rapala Xrap features include and internal weight transfer system that allows easy long casts. A flash foil teaser tail on the tail hooks. A textured translucent body that mimics the prey sought by predators. The Xrap has 3D eyes and internal Holographic foil for added flash.
RP-XRP08-CLNRapala Xrap #8 - Clown

RP-XRP08-GGHRapala Xrap #8 - Glass Ghost

RP-XRP08-GRapala Xrap #8 - Gold

RP-XRP08-HSRapala Xrap #8 - Hot Steel

RP-XRP08-PGRapala Xrap #8 - Purple Gold

RP-XRP08-RTRapala Xrap #8 - Rainbow Trout

RP-XRP08-SRapala Xrap #8 - Silver


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