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Pro Cure

Pro Cure
Slam-ola Powder
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

Pro-cure Slamola

Slam-ola Powder, since its introduction in 1989, has been a very well kept secret by lots of guides, often going as far as tearing the label off so their clients won't know what they are using. Good secrets eventually get out, and the word is definitely out on Slam-ola. It cures salmon lockjaw! Slam-ola is a chemical scent powder that is added to your bait. Sprinkle on your cured eggs the night before. For sardine wraps, just filet and cut up sardines the night before. Sprinkle on Slam-ola Powder and let soak overnight. This scent really can turn a "no bite" situation into a real bite. Another trick on smaller lures is to apply Bait Butter and then sprinkle on and rub in some Slam-ola Powder. Salmon seem to prefer the regular scent most of the time, but some days the garlic scent really is hot. Steelhead seem to prefer the garlic scent most of the time. 4 oz. jar

PC-SlamolaPro Cure Slamola Powder

PC-SlamolaGPro Cure Slamola Powder Garlic Flavor


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making spawn sacks,
collecting eggs and roe,
curing and preserving
Salmon or Trout Eggs

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