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Pro Cure

Pro Cure
Last Supper Egg Cure

Pro Cure Last Supper Egg Cure is from one of the top fishing guides on the west coast. As promised when Terry retired from guiding he sold PRO-CURE his formulas. Over 20 years in the making this stuff is so hot, so easy to use, and fish flat out inhale these eggs! Totally new curing compounds feature "Freeze Lock" technology that activates the curing compounds, then sets them as the eggs freeze. The cure produces super heavy milking eggs for tidewater or freshwater, yet durable enough to stay on for 30 minutes of heavy water back bouncing. Available In two formulas - Coastal /Tidewater and Inland / Up River. In 14 oz. jars in: Natural; new NON STAINING Glo Red; and traditional Double Red Fluorescent.

PCLS-GRPro Cure Last Supper Up River Formula - Glo Red

PCLS-NPro Cure Last Supper Up River Formula - Natural


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making spawn sacks,
collecting eggs and roe,
curing and preserving
Salmon or Trout Eggs

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