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Pro-Troll flashers

ProChip Flashers
from Pro-Troll
8 inch

ProChip Flashers from Pro-Troll
Pro_Troll Echip

The spin, tail kick and EChip of the ProChip flasher are a deadly combination. With every kick, the Echip produces tiny electric nerve type pulses. The narrow tapered end is the front. This flasher works with trolling flies, small lures or hoochies tied 18-20 inches behind the flasher.

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Flashers by
Michigan Stinger

PC8-101ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Glow Purple

PC8-103ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Glow Blue

PC8-104ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Glow Red

PC8-105ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Glow Green

PC8-106ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Glow Chartreuse

PC8-142ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Super Glow White

Glow in the Dark Blade
PC8-146ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Super Glow Chartreuse

Glow in the Dark Blade
PC8-191ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Glow Coyote

PC8-630ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Plain White

PC8-633ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Plain Blue Blade

PC8-640ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Clear Disco

PC8-700ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Chrome Prizm

PC8-704ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Chrome Red Prizm

PC8-705ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Chrome Green Prizm

PC8-714ProChip Flasher 8 inch - UV Plaid Red Stripe

PC8-720ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Chrome

PC8-725ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Double Glow Green

Glow in the Dark tape on both sides.
PC8-726ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Double Glow Chartreuse

Glow in the Dark tape on both sides.
PC8-733ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Blue Bubble White Blade

PC8-736ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Mt Dew White Blade

PC8-743ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Blue Bubble Blue Blade

PC8-745ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Green Hologram Green Blade

PC8-746ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Mt Dew Chartreuse Blade

PC8-795ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Double Super UV

UV Reflective Blade
PC8-796ProChip Flasher 8 inch - White Super UV

PC8-797ProChip Flasher 8 inch - Chrome Super UV


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