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Okuma Epixor EB
Bait Feeding Spinning Reel

The Okuma Epixor has a patented baitfeeding system allows anglers to disengage their spinning reel spool and allow their bait to run freely. The baitfeeding system incorporates a secondary micro-adjustable drag system at the rear of the reel that allows for precise adjustment of the spool for bait control. In order to disengage this system simply turn the handle. The On/Off lever on the rear of the reel will automatically disengage the baifeeding system so you can fight your fish with the main drag system.

The Rotor Equalizing System or RES II System, is a second generation system that incorporates a computer balanced weight precisely placed in the rotor. This weight allows for precision balance and eliminates all spool wobble for perfect alignments and smooth cranking.

A Quickset system allows for instant handle engagement and eliminates all handle back play commonly found in many reels. This is accomplished by using a corrosion resistant stainless steel roller bearing that engages the reel in one direction for rock solid hook sets.

The Hydro Block design features a rubber gasket mounted in the top of a spinning reel spool. This rubber seal blocks water and foreign materials from entering the drag system. The Hydro Block system ensures that your drag washers always perform at optimal levels.

The Even Flow Roller System utilizes a ball bearing under the line roller to maximize efficiency. This roller helps reduce line twists by freely rolling over the line roller without friction. Without this feature line will naturally twist when drag is pulled.

A spare spool is included in the packaging. An extra spool is perfect as a back up system or for carrying different line sizes to adjust your techniques to fishing conditions. Ready to fish.
    Other features include:
  • EDS: "Extra Drag Surface" spool design
  • 9 stainless steel ball bearings
  • 1 Quick Set Anti-Reverse roller bearing
  • Precision machine - cut brass pinion gear
  • Rigid forged aluminum handle design
  • Patented On/Off auto trip bait feeding function
  • Hydro Block water tight drag seal
OKEPEB30Okuma Epixor 30 EB Bait Feeder Spinning Reel

Line Capacity: 330/6 (0.22), 260/8 (0.25), 180/10 (0.30)
OKEPEB50Okuma Epixor 50 EB Bait Feeder Spinning Reel

Line Capacity: 440/10 (0.30), 390/12 (0.32), 280/15 (0.37)

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