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Okuma Convector Star Drag Line Counter Reels

okuma convector line counter reel
The Okuma Convector is ideal for Great Lakes, salmon trolling, or any light saltwater fishing, When putting your line where the fish are, exactly where they are, makes the difference.

Okuma has given the Convector (CV) Line counters series so many upgrades that they gave it a whole new look as well. The CV line counters feature a massive oversized drop down gear box, making them the only line counters in the world to feature an oversized drop down gear box. The oversized gears provide additional cranking power and give these reels 50% more drag surface. In addition, to the new oversized gears they have added a Self Lubricating Gear System. The main gear is fitted with an oil impregnated brass bushing in the center of it. When the bushing senses heat the oil is released to insure moving parts remain cool. To help land your fish in comfort they have included a new machined aluminum handle with an ergonomically designed handle knob. For anglers that like to fish braided or wire lines, all CV reels have been equipped with a "strong arm" stainless steel titanium coated line guide system and a powerful dual anti-reverse function. The Convector line counters are available in a full range of sizes.
Model Frame Material Spool Material Gear Ratio Wt. (oz.) Bearings
Line Capacity (yds/lbs.)
CV-15D GR AL 5.1:1 15.8 2+1 320/10 240/12 200/14
CV-20D GR AL 5.1:1 16.5 2+1 240/14 190/18 160/20
CV-30D GR AL 4.0:1 21.5 2+1 450/15 340/20 280/25
CV-45D GR AL 4.0:1 22.9 2+1 480/20 390/25 320/30
CV-55L GR/SUS AL 4.0:1 34.7 2+1 620/25 510/30 430/40
CV-55S GR/SUS AL 6.2:1 31.2 2+1 620/25 510/30 430/40

OKCV20DOkuma Convector 20D Line Counter

OKCV30DOkuma Convector 30D Line Counter

OKCV30LOkuma Convector 30L Levelwind

OKCV45DOkuma Convector 45D Line Counter

OKCV45LOkuma Convector 45L Levelwind

OKCV55LOkuma Convector 55L Levelwind


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