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Luhr Jensen Eggs
Soft plastic scented single eggs
Fishing for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

Fall Chinook Salmon caught with Luhr Jensen Egg
The Luhr Jensen eggs are deadly for Salmon, Steelhead and Trout fishing. They emit an Anise scent that fish can not resist. Drift the eggs in current either single or paired using a #10 hook. Won't dry out.

Availble in Two Sizes

These eggs contain Anise Scent.
Some remote streams in Alaska have regulations
against using scented baits or salmon eggs!

Luhr Jensen has discontinued Jensen Eggs.
If not listed on this web page, the size and color
are no longer available

Atlas Mikes has a similar soft plastic anise scented egg
Click here to view their replacement

AT-43002Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Bubblegum

Standard Size
AT-43001Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Glow

Standard Size
AT-43008Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Pearl Pink

Standard Size
AT-43007Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Chartreuse

Standard Size
AT-44007Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg large - Chartreuse

Magnum Size
AT-43009Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Blue

Standard Size
AT-43003Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Orange

Standard Size
AT-44003Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg large - Orange

Magnum Size
AT-43005Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Pink

Standard Size
AT-44005Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg large - Pink

Magnum Size
AT-43006Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg standard - Red

Standard Size
AT-44006Atlas Mikes Plastic Egg large - Red

Magnum Size

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