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Lip RipperZ

Lip RipperZ
Trout Worm

Lip Ripperz Trout worms were designed for Rainbow Trout fishing and has spread like wildfire across the nation as a potent fish catching machine. These baits not only catch Rainbow Trout, but also Brown Trout, Salmon, Steelhead, Crappie, Panfish and even Largemouth Bass. Place small sized split shot approximately 2-3 Feet above a Size 8 or Smaller Hook. Don't forget to crimp the weight on tight to prevent it from slipping down while casting. Thread your Trout Worm onto the hook. The bend of the hook and the barb should be exposed while the rest of the hook is hidden inside the worm. The trout worms can also be rigged wacky style or fished on a small jig. There are 12 worms in each package.
LRTW2-CSLip RipperZ Trout Worm - Chartreuse Shine

LRTW5-GLLip RipperZ Trout Worm - Glow in the Dark

LRTW8-SCLip RipperZ Trout Worm - Strawberry Cream

LRTW11-FFLip RipperZ Trout Worm - Fighting Frog

LRTW12-BSLip RipperZ Trout Worm - Banana Split

LRTW13-SLip RipperZ Trout Worm - Sherbet


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