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Lindy Tackle

Lindy Perch Talker

Lindy Perch Talker

Lindy Perch Talker

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  • The Lindy Perch Talker makes catching fish simple and highly effective. When gently jigged the brass beads on the Perch Talker click and rattle, sending out noise and vibration that talk fish right into your presentation zone. The brass discs grab and displace water to stimulate the fish’s lateral line and draw them in. Even when fish are in neutral or negative feeding moods, they still remain curious and the Perch Talker gets their attention. While the beads and discs bring fish in, the dropper chain places the bait at a distance from the lure, enticing hook ups that seal the deal catch after catch. When vertically jigged the lure attracts fish from long distances while the dropper chain separates the bait from the lure for times when fish are in a neutral or negative mood. The Perch Talker is excellent for perch, and highly effective on walleye, trout, crappies, and whitefish.
    LPTKS04Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Gold

    LPTKM04Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Gold

    LPTKS05Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16oz) - Tullibee

    LPTKM05Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Tullibee

    LPTKS06Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Silver

    LPTKM06Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Silver

    LPTKS09Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Perch

    LPTKM09Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Perch

    LPTKS17Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Glow

    LPTKM17Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Glow

    LPTKS26Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Firetiger

    LPTKM26Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Firetiger

    LPTKS27Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Sherbert

    LPTKM27Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Sherbert

    LPTKS35Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Red Chrome

    LPTKM35Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Red Chrome

    LPTKS39Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Candy Cane

    LPTKM39Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Candy Cane

    LPTKS42Lindy Perch Talker Small (1/16 oz) - Pink Chrome

    LPTKM42Lindy Perch Talker Medium (1/8 oz) - Pink Chrome


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